Wrinkles Conditions & Treatments


As we age, the dermal, the second layer of skin thins, produces less collagen and the elastic fibers that provide elasticity wear out. These changes in the structure of the skin cause the skin to wrinkle and sag.

Wrinkles are thus an inevitable part of the natural aging process. However, environmental effects may produce rapid onset of wrinkles. Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA, and UVB from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. Additionally, smoking may hasten the onset of unwanted wrinkles.

Wrinkles tend to appear in parts of the body that receive most of the sun exposure including:

  • Backs of hands
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Tops of forearms

Featured Procedures


Our Contour TRL laser peel safely removes a layer of skin to stimulate new collagen growth which improves the skin's thickness and resilience. The skin surface will re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, which will give your skin a younger rejunvenated appearance.

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Targeted heating causes soft tissue coagulation and collagen contraction. The process initaties the body's natural healing process, resulting in a firmer, more youthful skin appearance.

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